EkoSpark is an educational web-presentation with the aim of:

  1. Development of public awareness and popularization of the “green” lifestyle and environmental education;

  2. Informing and information exchange.


Our goal is overall improvement and protection of the environment.



  1. Education and informing about the problems related to the environmental protection

  2. Active participation in preservation and solving the problems related to the environmental protection

  3. Efficient use of energy in everyday life (efficient use of home appliances, lighting, heating…)

  4. Increased concern and most efficient use of natural resources (oil, gas, mineral wealth)

  5. Increased use of renewable natural resources (solar power, wind, water power, biofuel)

  6. Popularization of the new eco-friendly products, their significance, use and efficient consumption of natural resources

  7. Support to the rationalizing of public consumption habits (avoiding unnecessary purchase and increasing of reuse)

  8. Public informing and education about recycling and its significance (collecting, sorting and controlled disposal)

  9. Publishing the knowledge of plants and animal world and increasing the public concern about them and the extinction of species

  10. Informing on the detrimental influence of carbon-dioxide emissions and other harmful gases as well

  11. Preservation and protection of water resources

  12. Education on the significance of urban ecology – reclamation of illegal landfills, building of city parks and their preservation


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