»Where do we go...«

We have to face it: technological revolution has brought, besides all the benefit, the misfortune and huge social problems to the mankind: arms race, production of various types of weapons including nuclear weapons, radioactive waste; pollution of the water, air, food, soil (due to chemical pollutants), with particularly threatening carbon-dioxide, heavy metals, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides...

All these are the factors influencing the human genetic matter which could cause multiple changes in the genes of our children, devastating future generations.

We act like an immoral civilization because we take no care about our offspring and its future. There are some opinions stating that genetic engineering could develop the treatments for many hereditary diseases and moral dilemmas of human society, but there are others as well, warning us on the potential autogenocide and the suicide of human race.

The future of the science has a lot of uncertainties; there are many studies and visions existing, however no one can accurately tell what will happen and what’s in store for us, aware only of all that becoming more apparent during this millennium.

With the efforts to percept the natural laws and learn its secrets, the man expands his

knowledge and becomes more intellectually powerful but feels less and less and turns more and more estranged.

In the world we are living in love and altruism become scarce while intolerance and egoism increase.

So, isn’t it reasonable to ask ourselves the question »where do we go...« ?

This question and probable answers to it was, for us from EkoSpark, that particular initial spark which started our concrete efforts in waking up the conscience of the man at the dawn of the third millennium.

Our intention is, by detailed and positive approach, to educate and inspire those who are not familiar enough with the preservation of the environment.

Education on environmental improvement and protection doesn’t require any excessive work, it is not complicated, hard and incomprehensive process. For the start, dedicating some of one’s spare-time to read something from the field of environment is quite enough.

Literally anyone, with some labor and self-discipline, can help preservation and improvement of the environment, so that we could all enjoy clean air and water, healthy food and living space as well. All this could lead as to an optimistic answer to the question asked afore where do we go’’?


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